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Fantastic Faux Painting Tips to Know More

Tape your ceilings and off baseboards with low tack masking tape. Tape works great. Use a cloth drop cloth rather than plastic. So you do not track paint throughout the drips will soak in the cloth and dry faster. Fix cracks or holes on the walls and eliminate dirt.

Base coat

Be sure to paint the patches where the wall was fixed by you as the remainder of the wall with the base coat. The spots will show through if you can see to the right. That is because glazes are not. Unless you wish areas where the finish looks different therefore the feel of the wall has to be the same. Hint you can paint designs on the wall using another feel and when you wax the wall, the designs will be improved yet subtle.

Practice first

Practice your faux Painting technique on boards. You can save money. Paint the paint on the board you are currently using to your basecoat. Test the glaze on a section out. Any glaze can be darkened with a drop or 2 of paint. Tape your board on a segment on the wall rather than painting on the ground. This way you can practice the technique you will do it. Once you are delighted with the board then visit a discreet location on your wall. Bear in mind, there are no mistakes in Faux Painting; simply paint and begin again if you do not like what you see.


Lining your trays

If you are mixing your own Glazes, line your trays. As you do not have to wash the tray this saves mess and time. If you will need to stop and continue your job the following day, bring the son dulux rear of the plastic bag to the front and tie up the bag with a knot. That way the glaze would not dry out the following day and you can use it. Keep your resources in a Plastic bag when they are not being used by you. You can keep them overnight. We do not advise going without washing your tools.

Mixing Glazes

Mix a small amount of glaze first. It is 3 parts glaze to one part paint. Try out in your board to determine if the color appears according to what you desire once you combine a small amount. If not, then add more till you are happy paint or glaze. Put of the glaze to the side, fill your tray with the rest of glaze and match the mix to the puddle you have set. When you run out of glaze do exactly the same thing. Put aside of the mix before you come to an end. Then refill with glaze until the mix is the density in color and keep adding paint. Place a puddle you used to compare the two.