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Christmas Evening Traditional Activities

There are many What about Christmas Eve, although traditions, habits and activities based around Christmas? In areas and many countries of the world, Christmas Eve holds nearly as much significance as Christmas Day. Here are some of those many traditions, habits and activities based around the night before Christmas,

Cookies and Milk

Millions of kids leave a plate of cookies and milk out for Santa to enjoy while he is visiting with your house, leaving the gifts in stockings and under the tree. Day, households bake the cookies on Christmas Eve or earlier. The cookies for Santa are sugar snacks, decorated with candies sugar or frosting and usually cut into Christmas shapes that are merry how many days until christmas and call all families have more than one family Christmas lots of people choose to celebrate Christmas with a single family on Christmas Day on Christmas Eve and another one. Furthermore, some families have a tradition that one of the gifts opens.


In some countries and until Christmas Eve arrived from the 19th and 18th centuries, many people did not decorate. This is when they would venture out into the woods recover a tree and to pick out, then bring it home and decorate it. Decorating on Christmas Eve was a significant part of the tradition. Nowadays individuals put up their trees or early to mid December and decorate their houses.

The Christmas cookies are gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies. Some Countries have their own cookie recipes that are made at Christmas time. They create Bizcochitos, which can be flavored with orange, anise and cinnamon. In Almendrados, which are a traditional cookie, is made by them.

Special Meal

Many countries also prepare a meal for Christmas Eve. In Poland, a range of dishes are ready. The desserts soup and fish are typical. They have a feast, such as roast ham and poultry, with many dishes prepared. With a feast on Christmas tables desserts such as the Lebkuchen are prepared and served in Scandinavian countries.

The Festivities of solstice from Saturnalia’s ceremonies were where presents were exchanged by them and the source of our Christmas parties. This concept of exchanging of presents comes from the 3 miswritten about in the Bible, when Christmas was an event during the centuries. Puritans reminded the Christians the Maggie gifts to Jesus not to relatives to each other and only. This has turned into a phenomenon that is commercial because Christmas became popular throughout the past century and the celebration of the birth of Christ was integrated with the solstice festivities outside the church.