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Pretty Flower Bloom Boxes For Your Home 

Flower boxes are the trend these days, with influencers and celebrities showing off sleek designed boxes filled with beautiful roses and daisies, or a gorgeous flower arrangement. Abloom box is lovely to keep on showcases, window sills, or outside gardens.

Florists and flower lovers can use this to display their wares and latest collection. Inspired by the simplistic yet stylish beauty of hatboxes, the bloom box is used by florists to display their fresh flowers, and bouquets are also sold in this box.

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Several florists offer customers the option to customize their flower box as per their wishes. Read on to know about bloom boxes, and how to get the perfect one for you.

What are flower bloom boxes?

Flower bloom boxes were inspired by women’s hatboxes. Hatboxes are usually circular and come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. They are made from various materials like wood, plastic, card paper, and others.

These hatboxes were sleek, stylish, and often stood out for their aesthetic design. Florists saw this as a great item to put flowers like roses in. They began to sell like crazy, and the flower bloom boxes are the preferred method of carrying flowers.

How can I get mine customized?

Most florists allow customers to choose the color, shape, and other ornamentation for their box. Some extra features like ribbons, personalized messages, chocolates, etc., may cost a bit more, but it is ultimately worth it to have your very own flower box to display at your home.

Flower boxes were earlier used to keep flowers outside window sills. Nowadays, the name is used for hatboxes that have replaced the conventional cellophane paper that bouquets would be wrapped in. These delicate boxes are the epitome of class, and owning one gives a natural aesthetic to one’s home.