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Active versus passive document management

So as to correctly compare apples to apples, it is crucial to comprehend the different approaches which are utilized to take care of document-based company procedures. When it comes to file management, there are two chief methods. Passive Document Management is the conventional method of managing document. The passive strategy ASSUMES the occurrence of paper files. The passive strategy is always decoupled from the underlying business processes embedded in the files. It is not supposed to enhance the company process or to eliminate paper, but only to facilitate better access to the paperwork after it is been completed. Crucially, passive Document management does not offer any advantages during the company transaction itself – files continue to be created on paper, they are sent to recipients in many different methods email, fax, email, and courier, publish, are signed and completed in newspaper form, and only then do they get fed to the passive file management system.

Document management

Lively Document Management This can be constructed around the busy approach to file management. These programs examine the whole document/paperwork lifecycle – from document creation through archiving and completion. The active strategy Attempts to minimize the adverse effect of paperwork to the business by fixing the underlying business processes where newspaper is present. The 3 pillars of this busy strategy are. The Way to ease the creation of quality Files while minimizing manual data entry, Implementing business rules and validation rules, and decreasing the complexity of putting together all of the files necessary for a particular trade. The Way to Handle the workflow included in Finishing the paperwork. Including Items like workflow routing, digital signatures, capturing data from other sources/recipients, controlling access to record fields, supporting new information, and implementing required business principles.

Once files have been finished, the best way to extract necessary information from the record and how to send it to other programs the emphasis is on automation and elimination of manual data entry. Once files are processed they are subsequently archived and saved, and are fully searchable and look at intelligent document processing platform. The active strategy to File management functions at the DATA degree of this record. This important Technological breakthrough is the strong and flexible system that permits consumers to control not merely entire trades, but more significantly to control the information inside the contracts. Documents and their Inherent articles are searchable, and may feed data to other systems through integration factors. This capability to handle at the information level is the thing that enables strong, integrated workflow automation – almost removing all prior manual-based processes.